Whats up with the Flounder?

Three friends used to call each other flounder because that’s what they did. They floundered, just wandering through life, doing nothing. Much like a flounder does, lying on the bottom of the ocean, slowly wading through the tides. We thought if we could make money from doing nothing we would be millionaires. We soon found out that wouldn’t work.

One of the flounders had a natural talent for art. He drew a flounder as a symbol for what they stood for. Drawing and painting flounders became his pastime. Then, he started printing the simple logo on t-shirts. Soon, they found out they weren’t the only flounders in the world.

You ever feel like doing nothing; need a break from that hectic lifestyle? Throw on a flounder shirt and take it easy - relax, you deserve it. I do!

Yours truly,